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He has been transferred to Children's Hospital he is in the burn unit. I have no other information as of 12:45am September 27th 2009 when I left he was not in a room.

He was awake and was in good spirits when I talked to him but obviously in pain even with Morphine it didn't look like it was helping a lot. He claimed it did.

I talked to Tim and this is what he said happened at the track.....Shane Harris rolled his truck (the one in the picture above) Tim went under the back to kill the juice from the battery via the emergency kill switch, after doing so he was continuing out the other side when something in the cooling system failed and dumped hot water down on him. He was burned from under his chin on the left side of his neck and chest and also his arm. This will be a slow recovery. I don't know how long.

Tim is a good friend of many of you as well as a real good friend of mine for a long time. He is quick to help anyone when he can, I have talked to a few people and we have decided to put a donation drive together for Tim.

There has been talk of making the Saturday Oct. 3rd play day here (Sport's Place) a fund raiser for him and his family (Wife and three children) he will miss work for a while and any help I am sure with be greatly appreciated even though he will say he doesn't want it. That's just the kind of guy he is. I am all for it. So donations will be accepted on that day. You don't have to donate but please do, this could have been anyone of us with hobby we enjoy.

I have setup a Paypal account for Tim the email address is Names will be recorded so Tim will know who donated. This method is really for those who are to far away to hand a donation over in person. It may be easier for some to donate this way even if they are close. The choice is yours.

Thanks and I will update you with any information I get in the future.







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