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    Cool shocks

    The Revolution Has Begun...

    All the Travel. None of the Limits.

    The MetalCloak 6Pak™ (Patent Pending 61/520,240) provides the longest shock travel relative to a compressed length for any off-road shock ever built in history, period.

    If you thought Coil-Overs were your next upgrade, think again. While the 6Pak is not a replacement for coil-overs, they could be your next step, providing the performance of a long-travel shock with the ease of a factory bolt-on shock.

    MetalCloak once again brings you the best performance and the easiest install.

    Current Applications:

    MetalCloak JK 3.5" Long Travel Suspension
    TJ Generic Long Arm Adapter Kit
    Other applications are only limited by your needs and your imagination.

    All shocks are dyno-tested to ensure they meet our strick guidelines and are ready for your unique build.

    CONTACT US to speak with a suspension consultant.

    Twice the Stroke over Typical Shocks.

    MetalCloak 6Pak

    MetalCloak's Floating Shock Body Technology (FST) provides a game-changing platform featuring parallel shafts extending from a floating body, centralized by dual opposing reservoirs; this revolutionary feature allows for twice the usual stoke over typical industry shocks.

    Now the problems of low-hanging shocks or limited travel because of your shock body are fully and completely eliminated.

    The shock is no longer the limiting factor in your build.

    Lengths/Stroke Available:

    1213-GC-A: $399 each
    12" Stroke
    Compressed eye-to-eye 13"
    Extended eye-to-eye 25"

    1414-GC-A: $419 each
    14" Stroke
    Compressed eye-to-eye 14"
    Extended eye-to-eye 28"

    1615-GC-A: $439 each
    16" Stroke
    Compressed eye-to-eye 15"
    Extended eye-to-eye 31"

    6Pak Specs...

    Nitrogen Charge:
    - Dual Opposing Reservoirs
    - 150psi – 160psi per side (end user can custom adjust if desired)

    Shaft (Rod) Material:
    - Parallel Shafts Extend from a Floating Body
    - AISI 1045 centerless ground steel shaft, Rockwell hardness C70 hard chrome plated, 12RMS finish

    Rod End:
    - Industry standard rod end (˝ inch fine thread) ˝ -20 UNF (multiple types of rod ends will work)
    - Rod ends feature adjustable length & Teflon race

    Tube Housing:
    - Seamless 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum
    - Piston wearbands are Bronze impregnated Teflon (40% Bronze 60% Teflon)

    Shaft Wiper-Seal:
    - Teflon dual wiper & triple seal

    Valve Disks (stacks): custom valve stacks available
    - Butterfly style 17-7PH stainless steel, with a Rockwell hardness of C40
    - Fully Rebuildable & Tunable

    CONTACT US to speak with a suspension consultant.

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    Looks sweet but over $400 each... Ive got a long way to go before im on that level haha

    Sent from your mom's house

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    That's what I was thinking too. I'm not gonna pay more for my shocks than my tires. Lol they're sweet though.

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