Craig's 1985 1 ton Blazer

These are pictures of my 1985 1 ton K5 Blazer build. I started with a 1/2 ton K5 and transformed into a

 1 ton Blazer sporting a 454 engine, a Th400 transmission, Ford Np205 transfer case,

along with a Ford High pinion Dana 60 front end with 5:38 gears and a Detroit Soft Locker the rear is a

 GM Corporate 14 bolt full floater also with 5:38 gears and a Detroit Locker. I am running 44x19.5x15 Super

 Swamper Boggers  and Eaton black steel wheels (15x14). It was a long road to

get it finished, then I took it to Brick's 4x4 Farm in Poplar Bluff Missouri and tore the transfer case out of it

and bent the front axle tube. I also dropped a valve on the first 454 I built for it and there are pictures

of the damage incurred because of it. I am still working the bugs out and am ready to finish so I can start on some other

projects around here.


 Progress during the build (body).                        Different pictures of the engine & suspension.                   Poser shots after I was done building.



 Time for Rockwells and 48`s

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